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Bitbucket change the user email to be used for code check-in.

visit the user root directory 

open the global settings for the git (.gitconfig)

update the email in the file 

Restart the bitbucket and you should be able to see the new email that will be used for future check-ins.


Find the Versions of .Net Core Runtime and .Net Core SDK are installed on developer machine using power-shell

Using Powershell: Runtimes: (dir (Get-Command dotnet).Path.Replace('dotnet.exe','shared\Microsoft.NETCore.App')).Name SDK's: (dir (Get

IIS - Find the process IDs for using Visual Studio 'Attach to Process' feature

Run the command prompt with Administrative privileges.

Type below command to see all the processes of hosted websites in local IIS.
C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\APPCMD LIST WPNOTE: if you do not have the Administrative privileges you may see an error message as seen in below image.