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Generating the Churn Analysis for Git hosted Repository

Generate the List using the script below.
set -e git log --all -M -C --name-only --format='format:' "$@" | sort | grep -v '^$' | uniq -c | sort -n | awk 'BEGIN {print "count,file"} {print $1 "," $2}' > churn.csv
Once the CSV is generated, Filter the results for the desired files.

Select filter Ends with and enter ".cs"

For generating the Report for Specific Dates set -e git log --since "JAN 1 2018" --until "Jul 31 2018" -M -C --name-only --format='format:' "$@" | sort | grep -v '^$' | uniq -c | sort -n | awk 'BEGIN {print "count,file"} {print $1 "," $2}' > churn.csv P.S.: Original Reference from -

Restart the App Pool from the Shell Script

Open the Poweshell ISE with Administrator Permission
Restart-WebAppPool <MyWebSite.AppPoolName>
List the app pools