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Typing issues with the special characters

IIt’s pretty annoying when the stupid things gets nasty and don’t do the most obvious things that they are supposed to do. Recently I have experienced some issues with my laptop keyboard. Generally it would work perfectly once I started it. However after some time (may b e after starting the surfing the net) it starts giving this problem. The typical characteristic is that it would type some special characters instead of the ones that are there on the keyboard. I mean when I type SHIFT + - I would be expecting an Underscore to be typed but what I see is a cap (^) character.Same way when I typed the SHIFT + 2 to get an (@) character it would give me some hash character (#).
After ignoring this issue for several days I decided to end this trouble and started goggling out to find if anyone else in the world has faced this issue before. After visiting some articles I happened to make out that it is due to the multiple keyboard layouts configured out on the system. Let’s say you have Englis…