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Generic custom procedure for binding DataGrid for huge RecordSets

I have been working on a report that needed to show about million records when no search criterion is specified. The requirement was to load all records on first page load and then when the user selects some filters from the dropdown then the results will be filtered by the selections made.
The issue I was concerned about was if it loaded all records on the first load the user will have to wait for much longer to have the page loaded and then use selection to filter out the results there after.
In general scenario .net developers would use the pagination feature of the .net to tackle this situation and which would work perfectly, but the problem is if you are handling a huge application then you will be required to write procedures and logic for each and every such scenario that comes along the way. So I decided to create generic procedure that can be used to keep me from repeating the same logic over and over again.
And here is what I came out. The given procedure handles –
1.Paging of t…
SSRS 2008 - Export the SSRS report in CSV, PDF, EXCEL format [using ServerReport implementation]

I have been creating the reports for the past few months and one day one of the user asked for the functionality of using the report in PDF format. Now the built-in tool bar provides the functionality of exporting the report in following standard export formats.


Since the default tool bar that comes along with the MicrosoftReportViewer control does not provide much flexibility in modifying the appearance of the tool bar. This sometimes results in an awful user experience in terms of the UI look n Feel. Another reason why I do not want to use the default tool bar as there is no way to restrict some of the export types. (Let’s say the users should not be able to export reports in editable format (e.g.: Excel, Word Document, etc.). [1]

So I decided to create an aspx page that allows users to export data in PDF format through a button c…