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SSRS 2008 - Export the report in PDF format in A4 Page size dimensions

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DashBoards - Fatal Flaws in Business Intelligence Implementations

Gartner said the failure to achieve strategic results usually stems from one or more of nine common mistakes:

Flaw No. 1: Believing that “If you build it, they will come”
Often the IT organisation sponsors, funds and leads its BI initiatives from a technical, data-centric perspective. The danger with this approach is that its value is not obvious to the business, and so all the hard work does not result in massive adoption by business users — with the worst case being that more staff are involved in building a data warehouse than use it regularly.

Gartner recommends that the project team include significant representation from the business side. In addition, organisations should establish a BI competency centre (BICC) to drive adoption of BI in the business, as well as to gather the business, technology and communication skills required for successful BI initiatives.

Flaw No. 2: Managers “dancing with the numbers
Many companies are locked into an “Excel culture” in which users extract data…

Remove Report Viewer Scrollbars, SSRS 2008, ASP.NET

After scratching my head over this issue and googling numerous articles over the net in last few days I decided to put my hands on the issue.

Use the following script and the issue will be resolved for the rest of your life.

I assume the report viewer control name to be 'ReportViewer1'

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
window.onload = function()
   var viewer = document.getElementById("ReportViewer1");
   if (viewer != null)
   { =
         eval("ReportViewer1").document.getElementById("ReportViewer1").scrollHeight + 3; =
         eval("ReportViewer1").document.getElementById("ReportViewer1").scrollWidth + 3;

I added 3 pixes to both the dimensions as i was getting one of the main table in my report to grow automatically by about one or two pixels. i do not know why it was growing as i had mentioned the width of all 4 of m…